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Floors and accesories

Flooring Chipboard:

For its good quality and price and high performance, are the most used. Incorporating chipboard tongued & groove structural quality (grades P4, P5, P6 and P7) that are bolted to the joist so as to provide a surface suitable for any type of use from offices or public exhibitions, to uses of warehouse with high point loads from hand pallet trucks or electric lift trucks, rackings and shelves. Can be supplied without any coating (natural) or a melamine finishes, or on both sides. If you require improved properties of fire resistant, we rated the reaction to fire or Bfls1 Bs2 d0 according to EN 13501. For conditions of use in wet environments have chipboards P5 and P7 grade. The most usual size is 94.48 x 23.62 inch -2400x600 mm- and 1.496 inch -38 mm.- thickness.

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Steel floors:

Formed by sheet metal panels which are screwed directly into the structure. Sheet steel panels can be 4 to 6 mm. thick painted or galvanized finish. If it´s required openings floors are available perforated metal panels galvanized or grating hot-galvanized panels. The metal floors are used in those cases where the use of chipboard flooring is not allowed, or not recommended by the environmental conditions.

We call mixed floors when these combine a chipboard base with a steel sheet cover. To increase the useful life of chipboard floor is protected with a topcoat of galvanized sheet thicknesses that can vary from 1.5 to 4 mm. fixed by drilling screws or rivets flat head. The finish of this surface may be flat or stamped with slip properties.

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Systems designed to meet the safety standards required by current regulations. The hand-rails, are protective systems that prevent falls at different levels. With designs to fit the various rules applicable, are completely dismountable. The kickplates are placed joined to hand-rails to prevent falling objects from rolling on the surface of the mezzanines.

For the deposit of pallets and goods on the mezzanine openings can be practiced in the hand-rails, by using two leaves simple doors, self-closing. it is a simple and economic system, which enables compliance with the minimum requirements in safety.

If you want a maximum level of protection are installed safety barriers. Allow put on the mezzanine pallets or goodss, so that protect workers from falls at different levels, preventing exposure during handling operations.

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Of different designs according to rules applicable in each case, are designed as a kit consisting of bolted components. Have continuous handrails with ergonomics which allows firm, comfortable support. The steps are galvanized skid, and the width varies from 800 to 1500 mm.

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Column protectors:

Are safety devices that reduce the consequences of the impact of a forklift trucks or vehicles against the mezzanine columns. Made of different materials depending on environmental conditions and customer needs.


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Good Lifts:

Equipments to enable access to the mezzanine goods. From different designs and technology, there are multiple solutions depending on the needs of maintenance. These systems require adjustments in the structure of the mezzanine for proper operation.

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Security mesh panels:

Prevent intrusions on areas whose perimeter is delineated with these protections. They are commonly used for, replacing handrails, avoid falling objects at different levels of shelving and pallet storage. Also in perimeter protection of machines, good lifts, etc..


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Heavy concret slab:

For heavy-duty applications, where there are large loads, both static and dynamic, on the mezzanine.

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