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A system for each requirement

In KEPLER develop structural solutions customized to fit the specific need of each client.

KEPLER system. Solutions unlimited.

There isn´t problem of loading or operational needs in the warehouse or industry that limits our capacity to find solutions that meet customer needs, providing value that translates into performance and efficiency.

KEPLER system combines the advantages of C-sections cold-formed profiles of thin with I-beams hot rolled sections, allowing long span between columns, even the most demanding loading conditions, and at the lowest possible cost.

The joists are joined to the main beams with connectors or "cleats" bolted to the beam web, thereby we reduce the floor depth. The result: a better use of the height of the building or warehouse.


PENTA system. Versatility and design at the best price.

It is ideal for cases where load conditions are light (up to 1100 lb/m² -500 kg/m²- live load), and operational requirements under the mezzanine not forced to go to important distances between columns or supports .

Composed entirely of C-sections cold-formed profiles, the structure is lightness and strength, allowing installation without lifting trucks on occupied areas, offices and services. Its multi-drilled profiles permit a modular design that allows easy adaptation to local conditions or warehouse.

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