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¿What is a mezzannine floor?

Mezzanines are industrial equipment of bolted steel structure on which is disposed a light decking floor, usually particle chipboard, and whose main function is to provide extra horizontal surface for the activity in industries, workshops and warehouses.

The actual needs of businesses in a changing scenario, where the capacity of adapt quickly and efficiently to the markets they serve, requires versatile solutions, economic, adaptive, immediate, portable, etc. In the problem of surface, dismountable mezzanines, modular mezzanines or attics are the ideal solution.

All components are prefabricated in workshop, being supplied in a "kit assemblable" so they are recoverable and can be moved from one place to another without damaging or detracting from the bulding. They are completely free-standing structures, independent of the building structure which are supported directly on the floor of the buildings, which thanks to its lightness, usually doesn´t require foundations.

The mezzanines, alone, or in combination with other storage systems (rackings, shelves) serve to organize the warehouse, being the most appropriate when the load is heterogeneous and difficult to adapt to conventional racks and shelves. Another advantage of mezzanines is their versatility of use, such as when required surfaces to serve either for storage and picking-up operations.

A wide variety of floors and accessories allows us to offer a wide range of solutions to customer needs.

Light floors: Formed by panels of different materials that are fixed to the structure to provide a surface suitable for any type of use from offices or public exhibitions, to store applications with high point loads from pallet racking or hand pallet trucks. The most common materials are structural chipboard, sheet metal and grating decks.

Heavy floors: Formed by conventional slabs involving execution on site concrete floor slabs. Appropriate in cases of very high loads, or for the fire resistance requirements of the slab floor. Its use implies loss of removable character of the mezzanine. The high weight of this type of mezzanines requires a study of foundation.

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