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Small mezzanine for automated warehouse designed by CONVEY and with shelves from BITO. We opted for a special design, using long spams and avoiding that columns are positioned in the middle of the walkways at the bottom. A portion of the mezzanine is expandable to a higher maximum overall height of 6.6 m. In this area the columns are prepared for this future expansion.

The mezzanine is irregularly shaped, with maximum external dimensions of 30.4 m. in length by 6.9 m. wide. The useful area is 141 m². The mezzanine serves an automatic warehouse within the regulating center in Leganes Sanofi-Aventis. The store shelves are divided into two areas: one for the realization of partial-box picking, and picking for the complete box palette. Through a system of conveyors, the carton boxes are directed to a circuit at various levels, for expedition.

To adapt the system to the fire regulation, there is provided a system of sprinklers for the bottom of the mezzanine

Conveyors and roller ways detail
Structure with sprinklers installation
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